Coping with your inner penny-pincher


My name is Kimmy and my friends don’t know the extent of my cheap-ness.  I buy everything used, I scavenge off of craigslist, I frequent thrift stores – I do a lot of nerdy research and comparison shopping.  As an artist in tough times, I feel like I’ve found my mecca of good deals and “Everything Must Go!” prices.

I’m a gal who likes a good deal, but I also don’t like being a douchebag about it.  I think there IS a way that you can master the inner penny-pincher and also splurge on a new pair of shoes (most likely because the heel fell off your old pair…though you could go to a cobbler for much cheaper…!)

I’m going to be blogging about how to live frugally and stylishly in the city of Los Angeles without ruining your friends birthday party or subsisting off of Ramen Noodles.


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