CheapTip: Cheap Gas

I must say, I love my car. It’s old, a stick shift, and my own traveling purse. Gas, though, can be a expensive when I have to go east and west for auditions and meetings and the whatnot.

So what’s a bargain gal to do?

Well, paying cash is good.  A lot of places in LA will offer cheaper prices if you pay cash.

See if you’re near a highway.  I’m finding most cheap gas is inconveniently, conveniently always near a major highway. Just filled up right near the 405 for $2.99/gallon – 1/2 mile down the street it’s $3.23. Cheap gas also found near the 101 on Hollywood and near the 5 entrance in Glendale.

Also, the airport is a mecca for cheap gas.  Contrary to what you’d believe, there is cheap gas right near the airport (not on your way – beware of rental car gas traps).   So in addition to being a good friend  and dropping your pal at the airport, you can get a cheap tank of gas (that will be gone if you get stuck in traffic).

I’ll keep my eyes open for new trends in cheap gas.  Send me yours!



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