Gym Deals

Gotta say, I love LA.  Working out outdoors all year round is great for the wallet.  I’ve got a bike and I can ride it in November.  However, if you’re like me, I like a little kick in the pants every now and again.  I like to sign up for classes or programs that force me to stretch and lift and squat.  And I’m also obligated to show up to a class (I was a A+, honor roll, perfect attendance nerd in school *SHOCKING*).

Thanks goodness I have friends who love to workout.

My pal and fellow Apple Sisters, Rebekka over at has been scouring Los Feliz and Silverlake for the best and cheapest places to workout.  All you cheapies can go on a mini tour and try things out for FREE or very cheap.  Here are my favs –

YAS (Yoga for Athletes) – you can print out a coupon (I love coupons!) online and take one class free. NICE! NOTE:  Rebekka and I went here and I forgot my coupon (foolish mistake).  They would NOT let me take the class, though they are required to take your name and address.  This is a stupid policy!!! (pant, pant, pant – throw fist up to the sky!)

I’ve been going to Pop Physique (best workout ever)!  It’s $100 for new clients- which is a little pricey for me – BUT – if you do plan on going 4-5/times a week, it’s a really good deal.  Individual classes are $20/each.  YOWSERS!  So even if you go 5 times the whole month, you’re getting a deal.

A note about LA gyms:  Coming from NYC, gyms seem pretty cheap out here in LA.  You can pay anywhere from 20-35/month.  That is awesome.  BUT, wisdom from the cheapskatewood -NEGOTIATE and don’t pay for it if you’re *thinking* about going.  Trust me, it’ll just rack up debt on your credit card.  And those salesman f*&*^# are really good at their job – so don’t get suckered in!  Seriously consider doing a trial run of anything before committing to a lifestyle change.  And also, keep on the lookout for deals.  January is a good time to buy gym memberships!



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