Water Bottles Suck!(ing your wallet)

An unknown silent robber-of-the-wallet is WATER!  There’s been enough in the media to convince me that I never have to purchase another water bottle again (I mean, unless, of course, I’m desperate).  What, with Dansani being basically recycled water (and wasted plastic) or Fiji being branded as “fancy pure water” (you catch my drift), but they abuse their employees in South America.  Dudes, it just seems like we were all duped into putting about $1-$4 down for something we can get for FREE.

I’m going to watch this documentary – http://www.bluegold-worldwaterwars.com/ – it’s about how water is being privatized for profit when poor people in third world countries can’t get fresh water for free.  Doesn’t sound like a great date night movie for most people, but my boyfriend and I love it.  Scratch that.  I love this stuff and I’ll trade a subtitled Japanese film for a heavy documentary!

So, we’re past all the gloom and doom.  We live in a country that has lots of free water that is clean.  Just remember we’re super lucky and if there isn’t a water fountain or water cooler, the faucet is just fine.  That’s right, EVEN THE BATHROOM FAUCET.  It all comes from the same place, so get used to it.

Buy a plastic or metal water bottle that is super cute and convenient to carry around.  I got suckered into the whole metal bottle trend (I know, I know plastic realize carcinogens, but really guys?  What doesn’t?)  Anyway, I went to Target and bought a slender one with skulls and argyle on it.  I mean, right?  Who wouldn’t want their water bottle to say, “bad ass but also kind of collegiate.”

Anyway, it’s small enough to fit in my purse and it doesn’t leak.  I also bought another one (black with large, bright circles – so artsy) that I leave in my car, just in case I forget it at home.  I’m very forgetful.

So plopping down an initial $10-$20 on a cute, reusable bottle can save you tons of money.  And you can also be sneakily green at the same time.  Let’s do the math.

$2 per day on water bottles X 365 = $730/year

$20 on two reusable water bottle X 1= $20/once

So if the green factor or the guilt factor don’t get you to stop buying water, maybe the good ol’ cheapskate facts will.  Give up your water bottle habit and you can save up to $710/year. That can buy a whole new wardrobe or a guitar lessons or a vacation or a nice sum towards your retirement.

We cool?  I’ll see you in the bathroom, filling my water bottle.



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