Bars and Parties

It is my birthday this Wednesday (thank you, thank you), so I was stuck with the inevitable “What do I do? Where do I go? Is everyone gone for Thanksgiving?”

Where to invite your friends to spend money has always been a real challenge. I really hate when I get invited to a super fancy $15-20 cocktail joint with a cover charge. Or even worse, the dreaded overpriced meal and you end up splitting the bill evenly.

These scenarios used to REALLY stress me out. But I’ve learned to deal with them a little better.

How to deal with it?
1. Buy one drink and nurse it.
2. Offer to take your friend out on another night
3. Always ask to be on a separate tab

It also depends on what kind of friend you’re dealing with.  Boyfriend or girlfriend – you BETTER be buying!!

You’re not being a douchebag by not overspending. If you have a tight budget like me, it would be supremely irresponsible of me to drink my rent money away. So be proactive and think ahead, so you don’t end up paying $50 for your  crab cake appetizer.

So, how do you pick a GOOD place? Good question, thanks for reading. It’s all about prioritizing what’s important. Who’s coming? What day of the week? What vibe do I want? Do they serve food? Indoor/Outdoor seating? Price range?

1.  Know your friends:  If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably not sipping champagne on your Rolls Royce (and if you are – send funding!).  Are your friend starving artists who can deal with a dive bar?  Or do you have a mix of work and play friends?  Know the mood of your party – because there are bars that have $1.50 PBRs (Cha Cha’s Lounge in Silverlake has a super cheap Sunday night – all night long).  Or, you can go to other places that have food and drinks that are reasonably priced ($5 beers/$9 cocktails)

2.  Day of the week:  Fridays and Saturdays are more expensive.  There are usually no specials and it’s super crowded.  No thanks.  The earlier in the week the better.  I had my birthday on a Sunday, which is a great day to have a party.  It’s not going to be a “party til 4am” vibe, but hey, that’s ok with me.  We had lots of space and attentive bartenders.  Faaaantastic!

3.  Food or no food:  I prefer a place that serves food.  Not only do you know they will have seating if you want it, but it will give your friends the option if they want to spend the dough – but don’t have to.

I ended up at Mixville in Silverlake.  It’s attached to a restaurant and they serve average priced beers ($5-6) and fancy cocktails ($9).  They also have great food ($10-20/entrees).  They had a beautiful outdoor area (it was a little chilly).  It was a perfect vibe for all my pals and I had a great time.

When the bar or restaurant doesn’t get in the way of you enjoying the company of your friends, than you’ve chosen wisely, Jedi.



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3 responses to “Bars and Parties

  1. Luke LaGraff

    hey Kimmy- Would bringing a couple airplane bottles of your preferred liquor to your friends’ night out and ordering a coke/sprite, etc so you can add your alcohol to it constitute being a douchebag? It has the excitement of being illegal as well….

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