Cyber Monday

It’s Cyber Monday everybody! Woo hoo? I thought this would be a good time to take about shopping on the Internet.

If you’re like me, I love online shopping. It’s so easy to bargain hunt and then it shows up at my house.

However, there are some pitfalls. It only really works if you know exactly what you want, in what color and what size. And when you spend on the Internet, sometimes it doesn’t feel like ‘real’ money.

I never buy clothes or shoes online unless I’ve tried them on (I made the mistake once and received a bizarre pair of stripey jeans that sound cool, but I assure you are not).

Sooooo, for all you shoppers out there, here’s a cheapskatewood tip! If you see something in the store and you have a handy dandy new-fangled phone with the Internets, always look for the prices online. Keep in mind tax and shipping, but you might just be able to save yourself some cash. When you buy something in a store, you often pay the, what I call the “convenience tax.” “I want it now and I’ll pay anything for it!” Any big event, you’ll always get stuck with it. So, if it’s significantly cheaper on the Internet and you can wait a week, wait to buy it online.

And here’s another secret to the net. There are a LOT of coupons online. And they are relatively easy to find if you are willing to add an extra minute to your search.

I order a lot of stuff from for my comedy group. Sooooo – here’s what I do. Search “Vistaprint coupons” – and a list of coupon places will show up. is pretty reliable. I can find a coupon for 50% my entire order, sometimes with free shipping every single time.

Another tip, is make a list. Just like you would make a grocery list, make a list of things you need a STICK TO IT. These marketers are good at what they do, so don’t be suckered!

Back to Cyber Monday, I found some sites called and (They seem legit. It’s a good reference, though I’d probably just go directly to the sellers site and double-check). I recommend checking it out. But don’t get suckered into buying something you don’t need! And don’t be intimidated by time limits. “One day only” “30 minutes left!” “Buy or DIE!” Take your time and spend your money wisely.



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2 responses to “Cyber Monday

  1. Good tips! That’s is legit – it’s run by this place called that I heard about on NPR. Don’t know about the other one, but I use today and got a couple really good deals.

  2. Cj

    Thanks for all your posts, Kimmy, love ’em! Found another coupon site you might like

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