Bing Cashback! Wiiiii!

Holy crapnards!
I just stumbled over bing cashback!
More on that in a sec –

Good ol’ Cheapskatewood is NOT doing a very good job this Christmas, in the art of Christmas shopping. And I apologize for my horrendous example. I’ve left my most important people until the last minute, leaving me in the dangerous “convenience tax zone.” I have officially overthunk (not a word) my decisions and am running late with everything.

HOWEVER! Yes, there’s hope! I have found some terrific things online. There are a lot of good deals online right now. Target is offering a lot of free shipping and percentages off.

If you are in the market for a Wii (fingers crossed) J&R ( is offering no tax and no shipping. Holy mother of tax-free!

Also, if you search through – they will give you something like 4-8% of your money back.

You search through, order what you want and then they’ll deposit money through paypal or direct deposit. Man, thank god for the google/bing wars – the deals are starting to FIRE UP.

That’s a quickie from cheapskatewood. I hope it was good for you.


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