DIY Jewelry Organization

My jewelry has been a mess lately.  And since I just started a new accessory business (Nerds of a Feather) – I have been desperately seeking a cheap and cute solution for storing my jewelry.  I hate jewelry boxes because my necklaces get all tangled.   I found this AWESOME DIY idea from lovelylittlethings:

My friend, Carol, and I went the easy, budget route and bought a $6 roll of wire mesh from Home Depot. The employee recommended treating the metal with white vinegar before painting it, so I did. Once the vinegar was dry, I spray painted the mesh white (along with a frame that I already had).

I used a staple gun to secure the mesh to the frame, and viola! It’s so functional! My dangly earrings just hook right on, and I used some tiny s-hooks to hang the necklaces.

It is SO much easier to find my jewelry now. AND my necklaces are no longer a tangled mess!

I’m going to the home depot!


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