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Quickie: $1 Thrift Store Day

Thrift Stores are already a bargain – but check this out!
In Canoga Park, “Cool Trendy Thrift Store” (the actual name, not an witty re-naming of a thrift store), has $1 day the last Friday of every month. This is supremely dynamite news – especially when searching for bigger items like coats and/or shoes. And if you are any kind of crafty sewer – you could basically turn a bunch of shirts into fabric (which, fabric is way more expensive than I ever imagined).


HOWEVER, my dear cheapskates – be careful of the PITFALLS OF CHEAPNESS! Don’t buy something “just because it’s a dollar!!!” Really consider the fit and the quality of the clothing. Think of shopping like the jail cafeteria (go with me now) “Take all you can eat. But eat all that you can take” – or in shop terms – “Buy all you can afford. But wear all that you buy.” (I really have watched Shawshank Redemption too many times).

Here’s another cute site I found with some suggestions.

OK! Talk to you later!



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